USD 274 Oakley MakerSpace Club
An Educational club that is inquiry-driven passion-based learning that gives students the power to choose their learning paths. In a world of accelerating change, we need creative, innovative thinkers to become leaders and problem-solvers . A goal of every educator should be to create lifelong learners. This club is a huge step towards that goal. 

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An Overview:

  • During club time students of all levels are empowered to explore their own passions. 
  • It provides students a choice in what they learn during a set period of time.
  •  Students are then challenged to explore something to do a project over what they want to learn about. 
  • They spend several weeks researching the topic before they start creating a product that will be shared with the class/school/world. 
  • Deadlines are limited and creativity is encouraged. 
  • Throughout the process the volunteers facilitate the student projects to ensure that they are on task.  
  • We will ask for community help to get our supplies once a project is decided upon. 
  • We will provide a collaborative work space inside a school for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high tech tools or no tech tools. 
  • This club provides hands on learning, help with critical thinking skills and even boost self-confidence.
You will hear us use MakerSpace/Genius Hour/Passion Project and they really all mean the same thing to us.  Here is quick video for an overview:  Video Overview

MakerSpace Blog Posts - click the links below

Approved Student Projects:

  • Project - Build an Artificial Cat Leg
  • Project - Hair Bow Business
  • Project - Hair Bow Business
  • Project - Sensor Moving Robot
  • Project - Robotics Snake
  • Project - Build a Snowboard
  • Project - Make Drumsticks
  • Project - Create a Website
  • Project - Build an RC Derby Car