USD 274 Oakley MakerSpace Club - Blog Posts
An Educational club that is inquiry-driven passion-based learning that gives students the power to choose their learning paths. In a world of accelerating change, we need creative, innovative thinkers to become leaders and problem-solvers . A goal of every educator should be to create lifelong learners. This club is a huge step towards that goal.  Check this page for blogs about our progress.

Today was progress towards wrapping up research, creating a list of materials, and making designs. We had lots of excitement and anticipation of starting the "making" process. Here is a little bit about what we accomplished today:
  • Piper is still researching on how to make a prototype of a snowboard rather than just building one.   She is looking at what material would work best for the prototype.
  • Cadence has turned her attention to maybe getting a kit for a sensor robot rather than building from ground up. She felt the kit might help so she could see the electronics behind what it takes to build a sensor robot.  She has great ideas what equipment she needs to build it from the ground up, but not quite sure on the electronics portion.
  • Levi has almost got his material's list together to build his robotic snake (Eelume).  He has drawn out his design and will start building the prototype possibly next week.  He has decided his first prototype might not be underwater ready.
  • Dalton is in the research phase on how to build his Lego vehicle.  He finally turned the corner today and is building his material list.
  • Kaylee has got her research complete, material list complete, and will be building different bow designs starting next week.
  • Trayson has published the beginning of his Website and is also coding games in scratch to list on his Website.  He is looking for friends to give him feedback on his games and websites.  He is also working on the answer on how to make his new Google Sites searchable within our Domain.
  • Jake has an appointment set with a woods expert this week so that he can discuss his material list and how he would like to design his drumsticks.  Most of the day was spent getting his discussion ready.
  • Jacob is narrowing down his material list as he is going to need help getting materials to build his RC Derby Car.
Learning on your own can sometimes be difficult and cause frustration even though you are excited about what you are learning.  Hearing from the teacher "I do not know" is sometimes hard for our students to hear, but to see the eyes dancing with pride as they figure it out on their own is SUCCESS!  I see a lot of SUCCESS and problem solving skills in our small hour of fun.  Stop by any Tuesday at 3:40pm at the MS to visit or observe SUCCESS!