USD 274 Oakley MakerSpace Club Fall 2017
An Educational club that is inquiry-driven passion-based learning that gives students the power to choose their learning paths. In a world of accelerating change, we need creative, innovative thinkers to become leaders and problem-solvers . A goal of every educator should be to create lifelong learners. This club is a huge step towards that goal. 

10-26-16 Progress Update:
If you ever just want to stop by and see what is going on, please stop anytime on Wednesday between 3:40 to 4:40 at the MS Transition room. There is a lot of fun and excitement going on with our group. Here is just a glimpse of what we have going on:
  • One student is learning to crochet and she is watching YouTube videos, reading books, and getting instructions from her Mom. AND her Mom will not show her everything because she wants her daughter to do some research.
  • One student is coding to build games. Others are playing his game and giving feedback on how to expand his game plus how to make it more challenging. So each time this student gets feedback he has to do more research.  Click here if you want to play and give feedback.
  • One student is building a springboard to use in gymnastics.
  • One student is using a recycled computer to build a Chromebook. He wants anyone who cannot afford a Chromebook to have one.
  • One student is building a vehicle with rubber bands and figuring out how to make lauch it.
  • One student is studying how to build an airplane
  • One student is learning what it takes to start a non-profit. She is collecting items to donate to those in need.
  • One student is studying how to build a lego robot.
It is utter chaos and it is exhausting in that one hour of all the students so excited about what they are doing. BUT it all so worth it because every student is passionate to learn about something that interests them. AND they have to teach themselves or find the resources to learn.

As our time was winding down today, four of the students were sad thinking this was their only opportunity for MakerSpace Club this year. When I said we would have another 9 weeks soon after Christmas, you would have thought I was Santa Claus. I had to shoo them out the door because they were all a chatter about what the next passion project would be!

Approved Student Projects:

  • Project Chromebook - make a Chromebook
  • Project Potholder - learn to weave a potholder
  • Project Rubberbands - create a boat and launcher
  • Project Graphical Intro - use Chromebook to design intro
  • Project Potholder - learn to crochet
  • Project Jumpy Cube - make an app
  • Project Dream - making perfume
  • Project Wall Breaker - making an app
  • Project Game - make a game
  • Project Robo Weapon - make a lego robot