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Laurita Burbach

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It is important for students to consider post-high school plans early during the high school experience. Today, most students will need some sort of specialized training to be competitive in the world or work. By the time a student is a junior in high school, he/she should begin researching the training opportunities available to them. Students desiring to attend a junior college or four-year college/university should consider taking the ACT test in April or May of the junior year. The senior year, these students should consider the ACT test again in October or December. Many scholarships are based upon these scores from one of these two test dates. Students should check for any conflicts in those dates before registering for the ACT. Oakley, USD 274 will pay for the basic ACT test for any senior that takes it during one of these two months. The basic cost is $33.00. If the student wants or needs to take the writing portion of the test, it is an additional $15.00, paid by the student. A student may take the ACT as many times as desired. Colleges and universities will take the highest scores.

Graduation Information

If a student desires to take a "college outreach class," he/she should take the ACT test during their junior year. April is the preferred month to do this due since the student has been exposed to more of the curriculum that will be tested. The COMPASS test is required for students that have not met the minimum ACT score needed for the specific class in which they desire to enroll. This also applies to students wanting to enroll in a junior college full time. Students may take the COMPASS test at the high school via computer. Please arrange through the counseling office. The COMPASS is free the first time it is taken. There is a charge for repeated tests.

It is important for seniors to visit the campus of schools of interest. Please contact the counselor. The counselor will then arrange an appointment with the school admissions department that will address specific needs of the student. It is helpful for both the student and the school to establish an appointment.


If a student has an interest in the military, please inform the counselor, during the junior year if possible. Sophomores take the ASVAB (Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery) in the fall of the year. Though this test is of help to all students, the military representatives will use scores from this test to guide students should they pursue the military.

Known scholarships will be posted at our school website: Scholarships associated with colleges are subject to deadlines. Please see the college catalogue or college website for this information.

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